Stephanie Frost is very hopeful that 2017 will be the year she and her son, Camren, can set down roots in Springfield.

Stephanie and her son, a third grader at Springfield’s Blackhawk School, have been dreaming of a home of their own for many years.  This year, with the help of Habitat for Humanity, the single mother may make her dream come true.

“It’s an exciting time for me and this is a great opportunity,” she said. “Not everybody can say they had a chance to personally help build their own home. I know the color I want to paint the house already – the same color as the house I grew up in.”

Stephanie works as domestic violence counselor in Springfield. She graduated from Southeast High School and has worked hard to earn degrees from Lincoln Land Community College and the University of Illinois at Springfield. In addition to parenting and her regular work, Stephanie took each of the classes on home ownership offered by Habitat for Humanity. Those classes help first time homebuyers like Stephanie understand all that is involved in paying for and maintaining a house, such as financial management, insurance, budgeting and home maintenance.  

Stephanie’s mother, Kristy Green, has supported her goal of home ownership and helped her in her volunteer work.  Now she, too, hopes that Stephanie and Camren can move in to their dream home this year. Since being accepted into the Habitat for Humanity home ownership program, Stephanie has worked hundreds of hours in the Habitat ReStore and on home builds for others to qualify for her own home. The family currently lives in a mobile home in a mobile home park where there isn’t a lot of room outside for her son to play. Camren said he hopes for a bigger bedroom in their new home and more room to play. The current plan for their house includes three bedrooms and one bath, as well as a nice sized yard and storage shed outside.

“We have been waiting for a very long time for a place to set down roots, a place that is our own. With an extra bedroom, no one will have to sleep on the couch in this place,” she said, “and I hope that Camren can make some new friends in our new neighborhood.”