Crustal Blisset

Crystal Blissett, a widow with four boys, has one major goal now—to find a safe and stable home for her family. She moved to Springfield to be closer to family who help her care for her children while she works. 

She is employed and rents her current home where she lives with three of the boys, Colten, 15, Chance, 14 and Kane, 5. An older son, Hunter, 21, is living on his own now.  

Her application for the Habitat for Humanity of Sangamon County

Homeownership Program was accepted in May 2022 and she has started working right away toward her required 250 sweat equity hours, by helping to install vinyl siding on another Habitat house this month. 

She’s anxious to get more volunteer hours, but will have to work around her regular job schedule and her children’s needs to achieve that goal.

Crystal will also need to complete a year’s worth of homeowner education classes before she can move into her own home. Throughout the process she will be accompanied by a Habitat “Nurturer” with whom she has talked and looks forward to working with. 

“I have a very strong will,” she said. “I’m driven because of my children. I want a safe home - one where you won’t fall through the floor. I want to know that it’s safe and stable for our future.”